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Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce business is through Facebook Ads. Once you have setup your online store, it doesn’t matter what platform you use you can start launching FB ads campaign right away and watch your sales increase.

Why Facebook ads? With more than 2 billion active users around the globe, it’s no brainer to use this advertising platform. Using their detailed targeting, you will be able to show your product on individuals who will likely to buy. Take note, Facebook algorithm is so intelligent that once you have set a campaign, let’s say conversion optimised for purchase. It will spend your ad budget looking for those users who are proven to shop online as Facebook unique algorithm can filter users by behavior, such as engaged shoppers, loves online shopping, free shipping, and etc.

If you are looking to build social proof for your ads, you can run a pay per engagement campaign as well where you can earn thousands of likes and reshares to the product that you are trying to sell. Likewise, if you want to use message boost, to get enquiries via messaging then that can also be done with Facebook ads. Pair it with Manychat’s automation and there is no way that you will not be generating sales using these strategies.

Facebook is an art on its own, and you need to learn the terminologies, strategies from bidding, scaling, and split testing to get the most out of it. But once you get a hang on how to do it, whatever campaign you are running, you will definitely achieve your goals much easier compared to other source of online traffic. If you want to learn how to do it, there are lot of videos or tutorials in Google, Youtube, or if you don’t want to study it by yourself. You can ask for help with an online marketing specialist to work on your eCom website to generate more sales. I would suggest study the basics so that you have a better understanding how Facebook marketing works so that even you hire someone to do it for your business, you will still know whether what they are doing is effective or yielding the results that you have expected.

What is Social Proof and Why You Need It?

Customers nowadays will not simply buy on your online store, they will look for reviews, testimonials, and proofs that you are a legit business. That’s how software developers with knowledge to sales and marketing came up to create such social proof applications that can help business owners show this proof with ease and at the same time in an intuitive way such as pop-ups, live feeds showing customer who just purchased their product. Majority of WooCommerce and Shopify ecommerce stores have plugins on their repository, and they can be purchase for an affordable monthly pricing. Some use case for social proofs are the following:

  • Guy from X Country purchased X product today
  • Lady from X City signed up for a free trial
  • Company X from X Country sent an inquiry via contact form
  • Mr. X from X Company renewed his subscription for another 30 days

These social proof applications can display the name, location, product or service purchased on their website on a user defined setting. This not only can help boost your website trust factor but also entice users to buy on your site as there are other users who already bought from you, meaning you are delivering as promise. Other types of social proofs include online reviews on Facebook, Google, case studies, etc. Every piece of this can help you acquire new customers.

Why Your Ecommerce Needs Trust Badges

Sales conversion in an ecommerce website can be affected by many factors including content copy, pricing, marketing gimmicks, trust factors, social proof or the product itself is the problem.

You need to keep on testing which one of those are the one’s causing low sales in your website. Trust badge and site seal such as 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support via live chat or email, no questions asked refund, PayPal trust badge, antivirus company trust seal, comodo  trust seal are just few of the common trust badges you can add to your ecommerce store to make your buyers confident on purchasing.

There’s a study on this that having these seals beneath the add to card button can increase the conversion rates drastically, what more if you have social proofs and customer testimonials in your website and social media accounts. Although some ecommerce site owners just used fake trust badges and seals, as the legit way to get this is to subscribe to a service for instance the comodo SSL seal. You need to apply on their website and get permission to use their seal on their website. Some other company would allow you to pay for a specific plan to get that seal. There are ways to verify this whether an ecommerce store is using a genuine badge by directly contacting the company.

If you will add this to your site and work on the other factors that can affect your sales, then you will definitely see improvements on your overall sales.

What is Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce business is one of the best ways to earn money online. A lot of entrepreneurs are killing it by testing different marketing strategies. Earning possibilities is endless in this method, but it’s not that easy. You will need to dedicate your time to learn the basics or get a mentor to become successful. Having a mentor is the best way that I can suggest at they can guide you on the proper way without having to commit the same mistakes that they which saves you a lot of money, time and other important resources that you can ever imagine.

Ecommerce business can be local or international, it’s your choice but there are pros and cons for each. Like it’s pretty much easier to sell locally by offering cash on delivery as the buyer will pay the goods when it arrives to their door, while international market usually works the other way around. They need to pay for the good plus shipping fees before the seller ships the item. Both worlds are good, you just need to test which one works best for you and I want to point out that this depends on your niche or product.

Choosing a winning product, marketing strategy, and improving customer support are just few of the important factors to ensure that you can become successful on this field. As you go through, you will all learn this from experience and time will come that you can also become a mentor to pass your knowledge to those interested and charge them for paid sessions. I’m sure there are lot of people who will become interested specially if you are showing some proofs of your success.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Have you ever dreamed of travelling while working? Or going somewhere else while you are working, not having the usual life that you need to come to a 4-corner office and sit on your chair facing your computer for 8 hours. Managing your life on your own while earning on your own pace.

If you are dreaming about this, I am telling you that it is possible. These people are called DIGITAL NOMADS. People work online anytime of the day and their clients are usually in other country. Being a digital nomad will let you be a traveler at the same time you can earn the amount of money you want as long as you can comply with your clients.

These are some jobs for Digital Nomads, it could be Digital Marketing, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Virtual Assistants, Recruiter, Online English Tutor, PowerPoint Designer, Translator, Copy Editor, WordPress Developer, Content Writers and many more. There are so many jobs to offer for you to become Digital Nomad. These people don’t have specific offices or what, that is why they are also called as location independent. If there is internet and electricity, you are on set for a job while you are laying on your bed, sitting in front of the beach or having relaxation.

You can be yourself while earning, this is a perfect example of Work + Life Balance. As a digital nomad have also advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is working on your own pace and one of the cons is, you will be the one to pay for your insurance and other benefits you could get as a regular employee of a company.

If you want to be a Digital Nomad, you need to have a lot of encouragement for yourself to take this path and live your life. But make sure that you also know the responsibilities being one of these people. Before taking its path, make sure that you are fully equip, not everyone who tried being a digital nomad has a successful career some are choosing to go back in their normal life like being an employee, but some are really talking their way up.

How to Use Instagram for the Growth of Your Ecommerce Store

Based on a research, more than 25 million companies are using Instagram for their business and over 200 million Instagram users are checking one business profile every day. The research shows how big your market is according to the number of users.

Instagram is one of the social networking sites that used only pictures and videos for social networking. But for now, many business owners ae using this site to advertise their products such as food, clothing, hotel, and many more. Aside to Facebook this also one that has the large number of active users every day. You can also communicate with people over the world through this app.

Important things to consider before using this for your Ecommerce Store:

  • You must set your optimized account in Instagram as a Business account. By setting up your account you must make sure and plan how your account will look interesting to your followers.
  • You must set your goals and plan to decide what kind of audience you are targeting. So, it will be easy for you to use the #Hashtag in each post you will be putting in your account. Hashtags are very important because in each hashtag you will use, you are not just being connected with your followers but for those people who also follow or use the hashtag you put in your posts.
  • Make the most out in your profile! Plan how you want your profile will look like, what are the things they can see about your business. In short, give your best shot in your profile like in your bio, your display picture, and put complete information to get in touch with you easily.
  • Your posts, Instagram is all about pictures and videos, so it is all visualized. You can think of unique ways to prepare for every post you will be putting, you need also to consider that the picture must have good resolution, it is enticing and reliable.
  • Before posting, maximize all the hashtag you can put on your post so your target market will be able to see your post and maximize your audience.