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What is Social Proof and Why You Need It?

Customers nowadays will not simply buy on your online store, they will look for reviews, testimonials, and proofs that you are a legit business. That’s how software developers with knowledge to sales and marketing came up to create such social proof applications that can help business owners show this proof with ease and at the same time in an intuitive way such as pop-ups, live feeds showing customer who just purchased their product. Majority of WooCommerce and Shopify ecommerce stores have plugins on their repository, and they can be purchase for an affordable monthly pricing. Some use case for social proofs are the following:

  • Guy from X Country purchased X product today
  • Lady from X City signed up for a free trial
  • Company X from X Country sent an inquiry via contact form
  • Mr. X from X Company renewed his subscription for another 30 days

These social proof applications can display the name, location, product or service purchased on their website on a user defined setting. This not only can help boost your website trust factor but also entice users to buy on your site as there are other users who already bought from you, meaning you are delivering as promise. Other types of social proofs include online reviews on Facebook, Google, case studies, etc. Every piece of this can help you acquire new customers.