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How to Use Instagram for the Growth of Your Ecommerce Store

Based on a research, more than 25 million companies are using Instagram for their business and over 200 million Instagram users are checking one business profile every day. The research shows how big your market is according to the number of users.

Instagram is one of the social networking sites that used only pictures and videos for social networking. But for now, many business owners ae using this site to advertise their products such as food, clothing, hotel, and many more. Aside to Facebook this also one that has the large number of active users every day. You can also communicate with people over the world through this app.

Important things to consider before using this for your Ecommerce Store:

  • You must set your optimized account in Instagram as a Business account. By setting up your account you must make sure and plan how your account will look interesting to your followers.
  • You must set your goals and plan to decide what kind of audience you are targeting. So, it will be easy for you to use the #Hashtag in each post you will be putting in your account. Hashtags are very important because in each hashtag you will use, you are not just being connected with your followers but for those people who also follow or use the hashtag you put in your posts.
  • Make the most out in your profile! Plan how you want your profile will look like, what are the things they can see about your business. In short, give your best shot in your profile like in your bio, your display picture, and put complete information to get in touch with you easily.
  • Your posts, Instagram is all about pictures and videos, so it is all visualized. You can think of unique ways to prepare for every post you will be putting, you need also to consider that the picture must have good resolution, it is enticing and reliable.
  • Before posting, maximize all the hashtag you can put on your post so your target market will be able to see your post and maximize your audience.