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Why Your Ecommerce Needs Trust Badges

Sales conversion in an ecommerce website can be affected by many factors including content copy, pricing, marketing gimmicks, trust factors, social proof or the product itself is the problem.

You need to keep on testing which one of those are the one’s causing low sales in your website. Trust badge and site seal such as 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support via live chat or email, no questions asked refund, PayPal trust badge, antivirus company trust seal, comodo  trust seal are just few of the common trust badges you can add to your ecommerce store to make your buyers confident on purchasing.

There’s a study on this that having these seals beneath the add to card button can increase the conversion rates drastically, what more if you have social proofs and customer testimonials in your website and social media accounts. Although some ecommerce site owners just used fake trust badges and seals, as the legit way to get this is to subscribe to a service for instance the comodo SSL seal. You need to apply on their website and get permission to use their seal on their website. Some other company would allow you to pay for a specific plan to get that seal. There are ways to verify this whether an ecommerce store is using a genuine badge by directly contacting the company.

If you will add this to your site and work on the other factors that can affect your sales, then you will definitely see improvements on your overall sales.